Dancing Cheek to Cheek BB4 Documentary -17 November 2014

Starting on Monday, 17th November, Len Goodman and Lucy Worsley will be hosting a 3 part documentary on the history of social dance.   The Normansfield Theatre was one of the venues used for filming this documentary and will be shown during this production.

Down syndrome diagnosis at the Adoration of the Christ Child. Ten years ago, two researchers noted that a painting from almost 500 years ago depicted some surprising visitors in a Nativity scene. In their article, An Angel With Down Syndrome in a Sixteenth Century Flemish Nativity Painting,” Andrew Levitas and Cheryl Reid explain the significance of historical paintings in documenting certain types of disability.

Oldest case of Down's syndrome from medieval France. The oldest confirmed case of Down's syndrome has been found: the skeleton of a child who died 1500 years ago in early medieval France. According to the archaeologists, the way the child was buried hints that Down's syndrome was not necessarily stigmatised in the Middle Ages. New Scientist. July 2014.

Who really decoded Down's syndrome? The Frenchman credited with finding the genetic cause of Down's is in line for sainthood. Now his colleague says it was her who made the crucial breakthrough. New Scientist April 2014.

Dr John Langdon Down recognised in Torpoint. See article in This is Plymouth 16 July 2013

We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of Lady Elspet Rix

I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of Lady Elspet Rix earlier today. Many supporters of the DSA would naturally associate Lord and Lady Rix with MENCAP and may not necessarily know about the key role that they both played in the process of helping me to acquire Normansfield, the building that we now occupy which has been re-named the Langdon Down Centre. Lady Rix was one of the founding Trustees of the Langdon Down Centre Trust and both she and Lord Rix became Patrons of the museum when the building was subsequently handed over to the DSA.

The Rix family association with Normansfield began, following the birth of their daughter with Down syndrome, Shelley in 1951. Shelley spent a number of years in the hospital here built by Dr John Langdon Down and she sadly died in 2005.

Lady Rix has campaigned for people with learning disabilities most of her life and she was a wonderful inspiration to those of us who were lucky enough to have been able to work with her; she will be sadly missed.

Carol Boys, Chief Executive, Down's Syndrome Association | 19 February 2013

Pullen Ships Set Sail - Press Release | July 2012

New exhibition is launched by Business Secretary Thanks to the Support of  Hertiage Lottery Fund

On Friday 6th July a new exhibition by Down’s Syndrome Association, Pullen: Ships of Reality and the Imagination, was formally opened by Business Secretary and MP for Twickenham the Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP.

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