Villa Incanto

Saturday, 23rd November 2013 at 7.30pm


Verdi’s opera Aida is a powerful but intimate show of a classical favourite, performed by an excellent cast of singers  who’ve performed across Europe including La Scala di Milano.  The cast includes Aida – Hiroko Morita, Amneris – Francesca Ruospo, Radames – Renato Cordeiro, Amonasro – Matteo Jin.

Giuseppe Verdi composed Aida for a new opera house in Cairo, Egypt that opened around the time as the opening of the Suez Canal.  Aida premiered in Cairo the same year – 1871 before opening in Italy in La Scala, Milan.  The plot revolves around the ancient Egyptians and Ethiopians engaging in a war very one that had just raged across northern Europe, and the audiences would have recognized the difficulties of the lovers – Radamès, an Egyptian army captain, and Aida, daughter of the Ethiopian king.  What makes the story of Aida so profound and moving is the mirroring of the political and the personal, the aggressions and the attractions that operate across the battleground and the home.

The opera was an instant success despite the competition over the cast of singers for the Italian and the Egyptian performances.  Verdi wanted the better singers for La Scala but Cairo was able to offer far more money offering the singer Teresa Stolz 90,000 which compared to the 20,000 offered to the conductor –  Mariani – who also happened to be her fiance.  Verdi got his way eventually and Stolz was persuaded to perform in Milan without Mariani (who Verdi did not want).  By this point the engagement had been broken off so the singers too knew that true love did not run smoothly.

Tickets are £20 from 0333 1212 300 or email

Ticket holders will also receive a 20% discount voucher to La Cloche Restaurant at The Lion, Wick Road, Teddington