Cosi Fan Tutte

Saturday, 17th November at 7.30pm

Cosi Fan Tutte

Cosi Fan Tutte is one of Mozart’s most popular operas.  Nobody could deny that the score is sublime – but the plot?  Some might accuse it of being trivial, even silly.   On the face of it perhaps it is.  A frothy souffle of fun?   We are led to believe that two boyfriends come back in disguise and their fiances are totally taken in by this and allow themselves to be seduced by the imposters.  Once the deception is revealed, the implication is that life reverts to normal.  But does it?   Life is not that easy and the audience will be put through every gamut of emotion in this seemingly simple, but actually complex story, with Mozart’s music souring and plummeting, gloriously reflecting every change of mood.

Opera UK have had great success with their production of Cosi Fan Tutte.  So we hope you will sit back and enjoy this concert version.

Tickets are £20 – call 0208 614 5100

or email to reserve seats.

“A resounding success – light and sunny and very funny.  The two girls looked like sisters and sang like angels”.   WHAT’S ON IN LONDON